i-GSM Automation

PROMPT AUTOMATIO GSM Switch allows switching almost any Industrial or household appliances On or OFF remotely via mobile network.

This intelligent, distributed processing networking edge device is the primary module to connect door hardware, such as locks and readers, to the network.Accessory modules are available to handle additional doors and input/outputs.

User can Control & Monitor Remote sites / Machinery / Automobiles / Irrigation pump sets / Office & Home lights / Heating / Security systems / Tank level / Remote servers & routers, Industrial, Home & Office appliances by any Mobile or Land line phone from anywhere in the world.

Technical Specifications
Multifunction programmable Micro controller Based
SMPS Power Supply DTMF Based functioning / Call based
Water proof wall mount packaging Sim900A Quad band GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C Optically Isolated 1/5 Relay output C NO
Up to 21 Numbers Registration Memory (Authorization) Instant SMS Alert / Beep indication
User selectable operating modes ( Open / Authentic / Miss Call) Can be operated from anywhere, No distance limit
Quick response time Based on GSM Network, applied to many applications

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