i-Perimeter Security

Its critical importance of security personal to have early warning that unwanted visitors are attempting to gain access to restricted area. Airport,gas and oil refineries, power plants, railways are some valuable industries highly prone to terrorist attacks and assets theft thus these require an intelligent perimeter protection to save their assets.

Prompt Intelligent Perimeter Protection (PIPP) integrets both Intrusion Detection and Video Analytics using a combination of algorithms to learn the environment the camera is focused on, so the moment there is an attempt of intrusion by a person, an alert is sent to the operator to take action.

Integrated hardware & software is able to distinguish between animals, humans, trees and changes of light conditions. The software will give an alert only for humans and/or vehicles depending on the algorithms used. This minimizes false alarms, giving the peace of mind of protection and the peace of not being disturbed unnecessarily.

PIPP adds the intelligence required to take the step from monitoring to detecting; it is not necessary for the operator to be looking at that particular camera at that particular moment for the intrusion to be detected and for the immediate response plan to be put into action. PIPP provides a far more sophisticated, reliable and accurate solution. To achieve this it analyses on a frame-by-frame.

Some key features
Simultaneous tracking of assets User defined detection zones
Continuous tracking of objects which pass each other or are temporarily obscure Ignoring changes in light due to clouds, switching on artificial lights and camera auto-iris operation
Ignoring repetitive movement, e.g. waving trees, rippling water Ignoring cloud shadows passing across the ground
Adjusting to image degradation caused by rain, fog, dirty lens and low sun position causing dazzle Does not false alarm

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