Intelligent PMS is TCP/IP based integration of power distribution for safe and efficient working of electrical devices. The PMS balances energy demands with the available energy supply, thus preventing disturbances or even blackouts in operations. Furthermore, it enables a company to control its energy costs, to enhance safety, and to mitigate environmental and health impacts. The power management system (PMS) prevents blackouts and disturbances of your operations.

Prompt�s power management system has been specifically designed for the most energy-intensive sectors in which you operate, such as the oil and gas and the petrochemical industries. In many areas around the world, your operations face an insufficient or unreliable public power supply. In large part, you must therefore depend on your own energy generation and distribution capabilities. Prompt�s PMS manages your energy vulnerability and ensures sustainable energy for your plant operations by reconciling efficiency, economic, health,safety and environmental considerations.

The PMS provides an integrated set of control, supervision and management functions for power generation, distribution and supply in industrial plants.

Some key features:

  • Power management function
  • Multi site power management
  • GSM integration
  • Real time information inegretion

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