PA brings to you a range of premium quality intelligent video door phone that ensures the safety and security of your family at home and when you are outside the home. Enable you to monitor movement outside your home and also see/talk to visitors to ascertain their identity.

This intelligent, distributed processing networking edge device is the primary module to connect door hardware, such as locks and readers, to the network.Accessory modules are available to handle additional doors and input/outputs.

The unique systems are the result of indepth ergonomic human hand studies, As we believe that designs should not only look good but also be Intelligent ! Products offer ideal solution for any kind of installation and any environment.

The range of our Video door phones is now one of the most complete on the market. Varied sophisticated solutions are available for Villas & Apartments.


OUR dedicated technocrats has designed IP-compatible intelligent multiple apartment video door phone for most and perfect security With unlimited extension and number of riser columns, I voice is the ideal system for simplifying installation in residential compounds with a high number of users. Needs may also extremely varies in such large systems, and it has all the answers. Extremely versatile, it manages integrated access control, technological systems (CCTV, intrusion alarms, fire alarms) and many other functions, all from the video door phone system.


Optical-Fibre-Ready. Switchboard and IP stations.
Voice messages for operations in progress. Absence indication and message recording.
Door open detection. Duress alarm.
Access control with evolved functions. Lift monitor.
Intrusion alarm. Video surveillance.
Image memory Zone intrusion alarm system
Supports multichannel communication Supports access control integration
Supports multiple admin units


Based on TCP/IP technology, boasts a variety of functions. It ensure not only comfortable and secure living environment, but it will also open the door to intelligent digital living.

Visitor Identification. Scene Control.
VCall Common Phone. Defense Zones.
E-album. Timing Control.
Multimedia Player. Via Internet.
VOIP/IP Phone. Via SMS.
Mail Arrival Notifier. Apartment-to-Apartment Communication.
Family Message. Visitor Message.


  • Wired
  • Wireless

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